Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wong again

Few politicians have been as stupid as to just tell us "to think". It may make some in the audience think they are stupid, but for most of us, the long term comeback is to wonder about the authors real state of mind. Content is needed to engender competence and cringe type copouts convince noone.
Expensive ads that tell us nothing, but that we are stupid and need to think .
Is this what Rudd means by his education revolution? Don't hold your breath baby!
We here at Adventure land try to learn to love your new ideas: But How would we ever go anywhere if you can't find some NEW imperatives for us to grow into.

Telling the public "to think" ---thats definitely a new one. Wongs advisors deserve a prize at least for innovation in ideas, but nothing else . How to spend money - insulting our intelligence.
Who said Australians have moved beyond the cringe culture.

Rudd, as leader of the revolving revolution , will have to act to limit the damage of all this careless taxing and taxing talk (CTS) . The greatest evil is being done in the name of the best intention .Labor needs to exorcise vigilance;particularly with its own demons .
No government, however worthy the cause, can afford to talk of raising taxes for a cause they identify, when they can't even identify the means to effect that cause.

The greens like the idea of a tax because they can understand it ;one of the few things they can .
The fact that any tax and govt meddling in economics might create huge distortions and be misused hasn't cut in yet; its not their money they are playing with .
For modern government church -it seems its purpose is to bless the faithful . Trouble is with tax returns is that its so hard to identify who should be blessed. "Wait your turn" didn't quite work to keep the audinnce at bay last week , when the green paper is clearly paying the polluters . Are there no sinners left in this mega church ?
Naturally such expensive stupidity met no initial resistance when offered to the big ideas men .
Such ideas as more tax (and more money for us ) are just so appealling simple.


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