Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This years Hare Awards postponed

Hares VS Tortoises

While nothing has done more to keep the service growing over the last 30 years than the KIT KAT agreement , we think its time to go quiet on that agreement and the HARE awards . The government are getting nervous about soemthing that's dear to both our hearts - speed and efficiency, or at least the impression of it .

Mr Howard ,this week, expressed a very sound concern that many skilled people are leaving the workforce at too early an early age. While he doesn't as yet realise why , we at the department of departments are concerned he might realise why .

You see , they have wanted us to cultivate hares instead of tortoises for decades now and we have been pretty good at it . Government on both sides obviously prefer the sweet monoculture of speed to the substantial substance of diversity in staff . You see any impresion of slowness in our institutions reflects on them .

We have done well and only done what they asked us to do . We have in recent years become so efficient and move so fast that we have noone else but hares on our staff. They are lean, mean . Most parliamantarians of recent times were happy with the monolith of the single bagging change loving runners we were creating - esp in management . They absolutely thrive there, even if they don't stay very long at any one task . High flyers we call them . They not only talk the talk they talk and talk. So thin infact are they that most tortoises could see through them when it comes to the real race of governmment. Tortoise leave in frustration , not with the jobs they are often very good at, but ALL the harey nonsense fast moving focus fanatics force on them.

Still --parliament loves the idea of "lean "and will keep paying the big dollar for the fast moving sorts. Howard and his parties patronage of the HARE wards has made much growth in the public service possible .
Kit Kat has enabled the tasks of governanece TO seem bigger and bigger . The current high attrition rate amongst those who do it the old way is of course predictable.

Cultural cringe agents of change for changes sake do not need reminders about constancy and consistency and competence - the sort of skills that are developed over the years by tortoises . Noone in the speed brigade is worried about those who lose their jobs because they just want to do the job they were trained for . You don't have to be Einstein to realise they are seen as Dinasaurs in a kit kat environment - they take a while to warm up , they resist change . Best we keep getting rid of them !
Best of all, they all the tortoises seem to be going agaianst the stream when election ime is focused on some new method or madness in the marginal arguments .

They may happen to be some of the most effective in the long term , but they don't promote growth and grand impressions of efficiency like having a lot of fast moving hares around . Now , because they have been leaving the workforce in droves , you don't hear much from them and we the public service are the more happy for it ! You don't need an another point of view to slow you down, do you!????

The KIT KAT agreement between government and the PS
Keep Inventing Tasks , Keep Alienating Trades


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