Monday, April 10, 2006

All Give yourselves a clap

The major party polys of Australia. You've managed to convince the public they are getting better service by having more accountants. The Myopic madness of mere bookeeping is CLEARLY going to generate much long term pain , but meantime there is a short trem gain to be had - after its an economic priniple to get what you can while you can . the market would approve unresrevedly. We disapprove absolutley - goverenmnets are not meant to be clones of business but increasinlgt they sircum to the simple hgetoric , esp when the court itslef has becoe a bunch of sycophants and cause makers and their consultants.
Moreover It gives polys a sense of control to cut something just as surely as does a sense of startiing something . But accountatnts don't start anything so it court it may e up tothe polys -Now that would be worse and it is worse ( assummng the court is dominated mby accountants and advisers of ilk to one or tother) so what ever happened to indpenedant advcice _ eh Thats the point . we write on blogs like this and we're right because w do our homework and we get cut relling the truth about minesireatiland cabinet carelseslness. ther desire to get what they want , start something THE^Y think importat as its not something we want ministers to do . since when has it ben the job of ministers to have ideas - thats our idea . The STG is effective enough superfivailly to men brack fallows kennet doiwn the same path where privatisation leads to abdication- not bad when the court still gets paid - infact as the budget sto contractorsgrows so does the the pay of thsoe who knows - the bookeepers .Don't knocjk em what they know is important. not nearly as importnat aswhere thehsip is going my friends and thats twheere the vic labor party willlend .
The balance between figurers and the far sighted has been shifted well and truly towards the former. This weeks empire award goes to
who stated on behalf of the people " why would the no longer accounatable suddenly turn around and become accountable ? '

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Parroting On

TO HON IAN CAMPBELL for trumping up the parrot this week . The Federal Minister for the Environment should resign for making a joke out of those scientists and practical people who work hard to influence economic decisions in a responsible ecologically sound way . Best all ministers look more closely at what is really happening here !